My Story

The Journey Begins

With more than 12 years in process automation and workflow engineering, my mission is to alleviate stress and boost efficiency, especially for those facing cognitive challenges. When I’m not working, I’m mastering the art of running a business and being a dad. Navigating the complexities of work and life isn’t easy, which is why I’m dedicated to simplifying it for you. Right now, my focus is on providing:

  • Cutting-edge workflow engineering
  • Reliable process automation
  • Robust, user-friendly system design
  • Empowering consultancy and training

A New Lens & The Educator in Me

After my ADHD diagnosis, I found a new lens through which to view both my life and work. This revelation served as a catalyst, leading me to recognize the immense value of automation and AI tools for people facing various cognitive challenges — be it cognitive overload, executive dysfunction due to burnout, or chronic fatigue that impacts focus.

My journey in education began as early as 2005, tutoring DJs and musicians in the intricate world of audio engineering. Fast-forward several years, and my role evolved. As a software trainer, I took on the distinctly different yet equally rewarding challenge of demystifying complex software processes for a diverse audience. Though the subject matter and the learners varied greatly, the common thread has always been education — simplifying the complex to empower others. These experiences have collectively shaped my unique skill set:

Guiding Principles & The Impact of Openness

My work is fueled by three core principles: efficiency, innovation, and empathy. 

I believe technology should serve you, not overwhelm you. Coming into the open is not just a personal choice; it’s my commitment to addressing the diverse cognitive challenges many face, and to foster community understanding. 

Through I’m creating pathways for change and acceptance.