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The Weekly Review: An illustration of a notebook and a pen. The cover of the notebook reads "weekly review: the power of reflection".

Mastering Productivity: A Neurodivergent’s Guide to the Weekly Review

In our fast-paced world, pausing for reflection might seem like a rare indulgence. For those navigating the challenges of neurodivergence, however, such moments are not mere indulgences—they’re essential. Enter the weekly review, a structured recap of the past seven days. This reflective exercise lights our way through the daily grind, sharpening our focus on broader aspirations.

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This is where I share my research, interests, and topics I think you might find useful. As a workflow efficiency consultant and automator with ADHD, I cover a wide range of subjects. 

I’m sure you’ll find the intersections of ADHD, automation, productivity tools and strategies, systems, and thought processes interesting.

I’ve been in the web development scene for over a decade and have spent years focusing on optimizing business processes. My goal here is to make complex tech topics simple and accessible, and to show you some of the ways you can use these tools and techniques in your own life. Whether you’re looking for tips to streamline your workflow, insights into the latest productivity tools, or just a fresh perspective where tech meets ADHD, you’re in the right place.

In addition to these deep dives, you’ll find quick thoughts and tidbits here that don’t quite fit into my weekly newsletter. These might be sudden bursts of inspiration, practical advice, or reflections on my own experiences as a solopreneur navigating the tech world. I aim to keep things straightforward and engaging, avoiding overly technical language so that everyone can get something out of it.

The blog also aims to educate about ADHD and neurodiversity, striving to heighten social awareness and acceptance while working to de-stigmatize contentious issues surrounding these topics.”

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